Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

You have always used a manual toothbrush. Why should you change now? Or you use an electric toothbrush, but you want to understand more about the benefits. There are in fact many benefits to using an electric toothbrush versus a manual toothbrush. Most importantly, electric toothbrushes are much more efficient in removing plaque and stain, which can cause gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and discolored teeth.

I recommend Sonicare electric toothbrushes to my patients. It is my personal preference. I find that my patients get better results when brushing with a Sonicare toothbrush, although any electric toothbrush outperforms a manual one. Below are a few tips to properly use a Sonicare electric toothbrush.

Tips for Using a Sonicare Toothbrush:

  • Sonicare has a built in 2-minute timer. Brush for the entire 2 minutes.
  • Only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Angle the brush head at a 45-degree angle with the bristles slightly flaring against the gum line.
  • Slowly move the toothbrush across the teeth, concentrating at the gumline.
  • Allow the brush to do the work. DO NOT brush back and forth. Just move it from tooth to tooth, brushing about 2 teeth at a time.
  • The brush will do a quick pause every 30 seconds to help you pace yourself and brush every area equally.
  • Replace the brush head every three months.

If you want to decrease the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and discolored teeth, consider an electric toothbrush for yourself. If you already have an electric toothbrush, make sure to use it properly. It will be well worth the effort!

Teresa Hanna, RDH