How Well Do You Know Your Dental Hygienist?

There is probably a lot you don’t know about your dental hygienist. Are you aware of how educated they are and what a typical day is like for them? To help you better get to know your hygienist and to celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month, we have summarized a terrific article written by Sarah Clark, […]

Root Canal vs. Dental Implant?

Most of us have had a cavity at some point in our life. But there are times when cavities go deeper than the surface of the tooth itself. This is when a dentist might recommend a root canal or dental implant. But the question is, which procedure is the better option for you? This blog […]

Back-to-School Dental Visit

Backpack…check. School supplies…check. DENTAL VISIT… uh-oh Did you know that according to the online article, “ADA Consumer News – Back to School,” a dental examination is as important as immunizations and should be a regular part of back-to-school preparations. That is why it is so important to visit your dentist before school starts if your […]

Reading dentist provides care in Ukrainian war zone

Tim Medianick traveled to the eastern border of Ukraine in May to treat soldiers on the front lines. As bombs fell around him and sounds of battle filled the air, Reading dentist Dr. Tim Medianick worked to clean teeth and perform root canals in the middle of a war zone. Dressed in camouflage, Tim provided […]

Dr. Medianick Serves in the War Zone in Ukraine

This past month, our family visited Ukraine. It was the first time my husband (better known as Dr. Medianick of Boulevard Dental Associates) had been in Ukraine since he came to America when he was thirteen. His family were Christians who came to America seeking religious asylum from years of prior communist persecution. I’d like […]

Participating vs. Non-Participating Dentists

There is a lot of confusion as it relates to dental plans and participating vs. non-participating dentists. Do you choose an in-network or an out-of-network dentist? Which option will best meet both your financial needs, as well as your needs for quality dental care? We have reviewed several online ADA articles in hope that we […]

Fluoride: What You Always Wanted to Know

We all hear about how important fluoride is, but likely, you’re not really sure exactly what fluoride is and what it actually does. You may have even questioned if fluoride is safe. We have compiled information from several ADA online articles so that hopefully you can get the answers to what you have always wanted […]

Mouth Sores – Definitions, Causes and Treatments

Mouth sores—if you have had them, you know just how painful and irritating they can be. They often seem to appear without a cause, and how to get rid of them is often equally mysterious. We have summarized several American Dental Association (ADA) online articles for you in hopes that we can eliminate some of […]

Bad Breath: Causes and Solutions

Are you embarrassed by your bad breath? Are you confused as to why you struggle with bad breath and what to do about it? We at Boulevard Dental Associates have compiled information from three online American Dental Association (ADA) articles to better educate you on the causes of and solutions for bad breath. We don’t […]