Nancy’s Retirement Interview

If you don’t know already, our AMAZING front desk woman—Nancy—is retiring! It feels like she is a permanent part of our practice! We had a chance to sit down with Nancy before her retirement this month to ask her a few questions about her history with the practice and her future plans. We think you will REALLY enjoy her responses!

1) What did you do prior to working at the practice?

I grew up in northern New Jersey, and I graduated with a degree in graphic arts from Kutztown State College. I worked as a book designer at a small publishing firm in North Jersey and became their art director. After I got married and moved to PA, I worked as a medical book designer at WB Saunders in Philadelphia, and then I became the art director there for their college division. I later did some freelance work for them when my girls were little.

I was a stay-at-home mom for years while our daughters were growing up and I helped with their school plays (painted scenery, directed and/or choreographed). Later, I worked for a small bagel shop in Reading as a barista (which just made me love coffee even more…if that is even possible!).

I also attended Biblical Theological Seminary for a few years, taking courses in Biblical Counseling and Greek.

2) When did you start working at the practice?

I received a completely unexpected phone call from Dr. George Clark, who was an elder in our church at the time, and a good friend. He asked me point blank, “Do you want a new job?” Without hesitation, I said, “YES!”

I began working at what was then Clark & Speicher Dental Associates in early December of 2003.

3) What were your job responsibilities at the practice?

I have worked at the front desk all these years–greeting patients, answering the phone, scheduling, submitting insurance (and seeking to solve insurance “mysteries”!)…and a thousand other things involved with working at the front desk!

4) Who were the dentists during your time at the practice?

When I started, Dr. George Clark and Dr. Ken Speicher owned the practice. Dr. Christopher Kosenske joined us for a few years and then he left to open his own dental office.

When Dr. Medianick bought the practice in late 2008, Dr. Speicher had retired, and Dr. Clark continued to work with us for about seven years. The practice then became known as Boulevard Dental Associates.

5) What have you liked most about working at Boulevard Dental?

I love our patients! It has been a great joy to get to know many of them and to help them receive the dental care they needed. Many, many of them feel like members of my family.

I also have been tremendously blessed to work alongside amazing women, talented in the field of dentistry and just wonderful teammates who have become dear friends over the years. They have become the “sisters” I never had!

I am thankful to have had a boss who loves God and who seeks to run this practice to please Him. I deeply respect Dr. Medianick’s work ethic and his dedication to his family and his employees. Working for and with him has been a growing, stretching, and gratifying experience.

6) What are your favorite memories at Boulevard Dental?

Well, there was the time I got my foot stuck in a trash can and Heather had to pull it out…

And there was the time when Traci and I were trying to change the toner in the printer. She shook it and got the ink dust all over her…and I moved out of the way at JUST the right time!

Then there was the time I thought a patient had died…and he showed up for his appointment! (In my defense, a patient with the SAME NAME had died!).

There were also Christmas parties (and planning the games for that with Traci), picnics, celebrating special events in one another’s lives, baking and decorating cakes for some of those events, and staff meetings (and arguing over who is bringing the dessert!)…SO MANY great memories…

(And the staff – mainly Traci – will probably NOT miss my dumb jokes!)

7) What is your family life like outside of the practice?

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Randy, for forty-four years. He is the senior pastor at Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Reading where we have been serving for thirty-two years. Prior to moving to Reading, we were church planters, starting the Bible Fellowship Church in Kutztown.

We have two married daughters: Mimi (married to Greg) and Sarah (married to Dave), and we have five grandchildren, ages seventeen months to twelve years.

8) What are your future retirement plans?

The main thing I am looking forward to in retirement is having TIME…with my husband, children, and grandchildren, and with the women in my church, to mentor and disciple (things I was able to do so much more before I started working)…reading and studying more, enjoying my home, traveling…maybe even attempting to actually grow things outside! And, I hope to keep in touch with my amazing co-workers!

9) What are the hobbies/interests that you want to pursue during retirement?

Oh, there are always PROJECTS to do! I am sure I will find many. (And I would love to help from time to time at Boulevard Dental – in whatever ways I can!)

However, the main “project” I want to pursue is to recuperate from my second knee replacement (I had my right one done last summer…left knee this time). My surgery date is July 11th.


We will GREATLY miss you, Nancy! You have helped to make Boulevard Dental what it is. We will forever be grateful to you for the positivity and encouragement you have provided for the practice. We pray that you FULLY enjoy your retirement!