Dentists in Berks County: What to look for


There are a lot of dentists in Berks County. How do you even start to evaluate which dentist in Berks is the best option for you?

Differences Among Dental Practices in Berks County

The reality is, there are large differences among dental practices. While all dental practices provide dental services, they can differ greatly in the following areas:

  • Quality of dental care
  • Personal attention and care
  • Practice philosophy

Quality of Dental Care:

It is well known in the dental field that patients often do not come to you for the dental care they receive, but instead because of how you treat them. In other words, patients can receive very inadequate care from a very nice doctor and staff. This can result in recurrent dental problems, and sometimes serious dental problems that are left untreated.

Personal Attention and Care:

That said, there are many dentists who are skilled clinically, but who treat patients more like a number instead of a name. While this may not be evident on the surface, there are plenty of practices that focus on your cash value instead of your value as a person. The end result is that your needs are not sufficiently attended to, and you often end up paying much more than is warranted.

Practice Philosophy:

The practice philosophy of a dental practice also directly affects the care you receive. For instance, what kind of team approach does the practice take? Do they see their employees as a means to an end to make more capital, or do they treat each employee as an essential team player? Also, do they care about their community and desire to be a part of their community, or do they see their community as another means to an end? These motivating factors of a practice will and do impact the kind of dental care you will receive.

What Makes Boulevard Dental Different

At Boulevard Dental, we are very aware of these 3 factors and how they impact the care our patients receive. We do not try to emulate other dental practices in Berks County, but instead, we strive to be true to the core of these 3 driving principles. Let me share examples of how this is the case.

Quality of Dental Care at Boulevard Dental:

First, patient care is our top priority at Boulevard Dental, but this is not without scrupulous attention to clinical care. A nice dentist doesn’t equal a qualified dentist. Quality of clinical care has been my priority from my professional beginnings. I scored a 100% on my clinical boards in dental school because I strive to do excellent work every time I am with a patient.

Personal Attention and Care at Boulevard Dental:

Second, at Boulevard Dental, patient surveys consistently comment on the exceptional care patients receive from us. We take the time to hear from every patient at every appointment because it is essential to us that we meet each individual’s standard for excellent care. It is not uncommon in these surveys for patients to comment on how they are treated like family when they come to visit us.

Practice Philosophy at Boulevard Dental:

Finally, you can tell a lot about a practice by the atmosphere inside of the office. We love and value each team member of our staff. This shows in the way our staff interacts with one another inside and outside of the office and in the way their congeniality spills over into their positive interactions with patients.

Our practice philosophy also extends to our relationship with our Berks County community. I have personally chosen to live in Berks County and to have my children attend public school in this community. As a practice, we are also corporate sponsors of the Governor Mifflin School District. In short, my staff and I are personally invested in the Berks County community.

How to Make Your Final Decision

We believe it is essential that you understand some of the major differences that exist among dental practices in general, and more specifically, among dental practices in Berks County. Choosing a dental practice is a serious matter—you will invest a lot of time, money and personal energy into your dental care over the years. It is essential you don’t enter this process blindly and assume most dental practices in Berks County are alike. It is our desire, that based upon the above information, you can now make a more informed health decision, whether or not this decision includes Boulevard Dental. At the same time, we welcome you to contact us with any concerns or questions about this process. We take your dental health and your well-being very seriously.

Tim Medianick, DMD, FICOI