Dental Travel Tips


We here at Boulevard Dental love to travel over the summer, and we love when our patients are able to get away too over the summer months. That said, we want our patients to take care of their teeth when they are away in order to avoid any dental glitches or surprises (if at all possible!). Two online dental articles provide several helpful tips to help avoid unwanted dental problems when away.

The four tips below are summarized from the article, “5 Tooth-Savvy Travel Tips:”

1) Visit the dentist before you leave

If you have a toothache, visit your dentist before you leave to avoid dental emergencies when away. Also, have the dentist fix your mouth ahead of time if you have cavities or if you are in need of other restorative treatment.

2) Keep dental supplies handy

Keep floss, a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste on you so that you can clean your teeth after eating. Remember that when flying, you can carry up to 3.4 ounces of toothpaste (100 milliliters) in a quart-size sealable plastic bag.

3) Air dry your tooth brush

While travel cases help protect toothbrushes from touching unclean things, the moist environment of a travel case can encourage bacterial growth. Air dry your toothbrush first before you place it in a travel case.

4) Stick to your routine

Stick to your usual oral health routine. Brush and floss twice a day to ward off the plaque and harmful bacteria that will still travel with you.

But what if the water is compromised? Another online article by the American Dental Association, entitled, “8 Travel Tips for Your Teeth,” addresses this issue. It recommends to brush with bottled water if the water is in any way compromised. If your toothbrush comes in contact with compromised water, purchase a new one if you can. If this is not possible, rinse your toothbrush well with bottled water.

We love to hear our patients’ summer travel stories at Boulevard Dental. Please share yours the next time we see you! It is our hope that if you follow these dental travel tips, your travel story will be sunny and problem-free!

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