Boulevard Dental Conducts Dental Health Presentations at Governor Mifflin Elementary Schools

For the third year in a row, Boulevard Dental partnered with all three Governor Mifflin Elementary Schools to conduct dental health presentations for 3rd graders. This was in coordination with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) initiative to educate students on dental health during February’s National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dr. Tim Medianick and Teresa Hanna, RDH ran these presentations, and with the help of the Berks County Dental Association, each child received toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. Boulevard Dental also provided educational information to parents about what to do in a dental emergency. Below is a summary of the subjects covered at these dental health presentations:

Why are our teeth important? What do our teeth help us to do?

1. Eat
2. Talk

What are ways we can take better care of our teeth?

1. Brush 2 times a day with a soft toothbrush
2. Floss every day
3. Visit a dentist twice a year
4. Use fluoride
5. Eat nutritious foods


Why do we brush and floss our teeth?

1. To keep them clean by removing the germs (plaque). The sugars (carbohydrates) that we eat feed the plaque and produce acid on our teeth. This contributes to us getting cavities.
2. To keep our gums healthy and free of infection, which also helps keep our bodies healthy.

**We also review how to brush all sides of your teeth and how to floss. We review healthy snack choices and why water is the best drink for us.

We at Boulevard Dental just love our partnership with the Governor Mifflin School District. It is our privilege to be involved in the lives of the students there and to educate them on good oral health. It is our hope that we can do this for many more years to come!