Our Gift to You

What gift do you need this Christmas? We’re not talking about the kind of gift you WANT, but the kind of gift you NEED. It’s true that it is wonderful to give gifts to others at Christmas. This is the spirit of Christmas, and it is wonderfully fulfilling at the same time as well. But sometimes we do really need things this time of year. Maybe you have lost a loved one, and you need comfort…deep comfort…as you celebrate this season without them. Maybe you have been running around like crazy and you are exhausted. Maybe you need rest this Christmas. Or maybe you feel alone, either because you have few people who are part of your life or because of strained relationships…you need companionship.

Comfort…companionship…rest—these are basic human needs, and sometimes the Christmas season makes us even more aware of them. But the reality is, these human needs extend throughout the year. We get that at Boulevard Dental. We’re people like you—we experience these very same needs! We understand that we exist to help you with your dental needs, but we just cannot ignore the fact that each and every person who enters our door also comes with other needs…very important needs.

We understand that we are not able to meet every need you might have this Christmas. At the same time, we would love to gift you this season. We would like to gift you with the reminder that we love to hear from you…we love to see YOU! We love to hear about your life—to know not only about your teeth, but you as well! And we love to create an environment of calm so that you can feel safe and rested in our space. Christmas is a time for giving, but it is also a time to receive. Please humbly receive these gifts from us to you. It would bring us great joy!