Smile Tips from a Dentist’s Wife

It’s National Smile Month, and in light of that, I thought you might enjoy reading some smile tips from me, the wife of Dr. Tim Medianick. I am not a dental professional, but I have learned a few things along the way, and possibly what I have learned may also benefit you and your smile!

Thorough Dental Hygiene:

Dental hygiene has always been really important to me, long before I ever met my husband. I always flossed daily and thoroughly brushed my teeth, ever since I was very young. I understand that this put me at an advantage early on that not everyone has experienced, but I can say that the hard work has paid off for me. I remained cavity free well into my adult years.

Beware of Teeth Grinding:

My one regret is that signs of my nighttime teeth grinding were not identified by my dentist at an early age. By the time it was discovered by my husband in early adulthood, I already had gum recession. In fact, it was this gum recession which predisposed me to my one and only cavity as an adult. Thankfully, I was fitted with a nighttime mouthguard by my husband to prevent further recession.

Straight Teeth Matter:

I had braces as a child, and I was happy with the result. That said, teeth can move over time, and after a while, I realized that some significant bite issues had developed. I came to find that bite alignment really matters, as misalignment can wear on the teeth themselves and cause tooth damage. Thankfully, my husband referred me to the orthodontist who was able to correct my bite. The wonderful side effect of this realignment was that my profile also changed so that I looked younger. Who knew that straight teeth can impact profile, which can impact facial structure!

White Teeth WOW!

It is not my goal to over-focus on the aesthetics of my smile. That said, I have to admit that I am very happy with the results of teeth whitening. I have used different teeth whitening products periodically over the years, but recently, I have achieved the most success from KoR Whitening products that we now use in my husband’s office. The before and after has been significant. My thinking is—if there is a simple way to make my smile look brighter and to help me be a bit less concerned about coffee/tea stains, whitening is a terrific option. And the great thing about whitening is, after the initial whitening regimen, the upkeep is minimal.

Maintain a Happy Heart:

It is impossible for me to talk about smile tips without also mentioning the importance for me of maintaining a happy heart. What good does all the hard work on my smile do if those around me never get to see it? I believe that beauty is first and foremost internal, and if I do not take care of my heart, my externals mean little. For me, my faith is the most important part of my life. I seek to let it guide every single thing that I do. This is what makes my heart happiest. Next to that, what makes me smile most are my husband, my children, and my supportive family and friends. And I have come to find that truly, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). When I keep these heart issues in check, others around me are much more likely to see my bright smile!

None of us are perfect, nor are we perfect in how we take care of our smile. That said, I think we can all work on some aspect of our smile. And if we all smile a bit more, perhaps both us and those around us will be happier! Happy National Smile Month!

-Ann Medianick, wife of Dr. Tim Medianick