What’s NEW at Boulevard Dental

It’s 2023–a New Year! But at Boulevard Dental, we regularly strive to keep things fresh and new. We don’t like to settle, and we don’t think we should ever settle. Our desire for excellence requires that we regularly make changes for the better.

You may have noticed some of these changes recently at Boulevard Dental. One of the biggest changes we made within the last two years was to acquire patients from Dr. Eric Zehner’s practice upon his retirement. We are so thankful for the opportunity we had to partner with him in this.

We not only acquired patients from Dr. Zehner; we also acquired two of his amazing staff members, hygienist Dawn Gheer, RDH, and expanded function dental assistant Lori Pichardo, EFDA. They have been an amazing asset to our team with their many years of experience in the dental field, with their ability to fit right into our team, and in their outstanding ability to relate with patients.

Two additional staff members have also joined us within the past year or two. Dental assistant, Rosalani Merkey, was new to the dental field, but she learned quickly. We appreciate the humor she adds to the practice! Heather Fitzgerald is our new front desk person. She had difficult shoes to fill with the retirement of our beloved Nancy Grossman, but she filled them beautifully. Her personality lights up the room for both staff and patients.

Other new positive changes we made have been more behind the scenes. Boulevard Dental regularly sets new goals as a practice and the staff regularly set new goals for themselves. And you are the direct beneficiary of those goals! If we don’t change for the better personally and as a practice, we stagnate, and that’s not an option for us!

So while 2023 marks the beginning of a new year, we at Boulevard Dental don’t wait until the new year to make positive changes. We strive to make improvements for YOU the whole year through!