The Changing Face of Dentistry in Berks County

Have you noticed that dentistry in the Berks County area is not what it used to be? It is likely that you are one of many patients who grew up going to the same dentist all your life. You likely had a pretty close relationship with your dentist, and it is likely that you pretty much knew what to expect every time you visited your dentist.

But the above scenario is not so much the case anymore in Berks County. There are now more options, options that now include corporate dental practices, as well as larger, multi-location practices. In short, you now have more dental options in Berks County, and it can often be very difficult for you, the dental consumer, to know which type of dental practice is best for you.

To be sure, all dental practices have their pluses and minuses. It ultimately comes down to what you, the patient, are looking for in a dentist. But what if you are looking for that dentist you grew up with? Do they still even exist?

It is our view that such dentists still do exist. To be sure, technology today is much more advanced. The same can be said for the kind of procedures that dentists can perform today. For instance, Dr. Medianick, here at Boulevard Dental Associates, is one of the few dentists in Berks County trained to place implants. That said, we do believe that there are still dentists out there who strive to keep their relationships with patients primary.

Patient relationships are our number one priority at Boulevard Dental. This is the culture that Boulevard Dental inherited from the practice’s 50+ year history of serving this community (Clark & Speicher). We believe that ideal dentistry occurs in an atmosphere where we can really listen to our patients and take an interest in them personally. At Boulevard Dental, this personal atmosphere exists alongside of clinical excellence (Dr. Medianick scored an almost unheard of 100% on his clinical dental boards).

In summary, you do have a widening array of dental options here in Berks County from which to choose. That said, if you still are seeking the practice next door, and the dentist who knows your name, we’d love to welcome you into our Boulevard Dental Family.