KöR Teeth Whitening System

Recently, we at Boulevard Dental Associates have begun to use the KöR Whitening System. We have been very happy with the results. We would like to take the time to explain why we have chosen this system over some other available whitening systems out there in the market. We think that you will be just as impressed as we have been.

Consistent Results: The vast majority of patients who use KöR Whitening obtain truly white teeth. This is due to the advanced science used by the KöR Whitening System. Patients routinely become infatuated with their newly white teeth and they frequently find that they receive compliments because of just how noticeable their tooth color change is.

Before and After Pictures (Actual Boulevard Dental Patients):


Effective Ingredients: KöR has formulated high potency whitening gels that penetrate the teeth, producing intense whitening and consistent results. Even super resistant stains like tetracycline and fluorosis can be whitened. Absent from KöR’s formula are acidic ingredients, or chemical stabilizers, that are commonly used as preservatives by other whitening brands. These can create tooth sensitivity and they decrease the effectiveness of the whitening agent. The absence of these products in KöR Whitening contributes to its significantly less sensitivity ratings. Refrigeration of the whitening product is key to stabilize the material in the absence of these preservatives.

Superior Whitening Tray Design: Conventional at-home whitening trays do not effectively seal whitening gels within the trays. The lack of such a seal allows the whitening material to escape and saliva to enter the tray, diminishing the strength of the whitening material. The whitening tray design that KöR uses helps to create a physical seal between the gums and the teeth, which then prevents loss of the whitening gel from the trays and damaging saliva from entering the tray. The result is a much longer duration of whitening activity.

If we have piqued your interest about the KöR Whitening System, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Boulevard Dental to see if you might be a good candidate for this system. If so, we think you will be very happy with the results. Dr. Medianick’s wife is!


 Lori Pichardo, EFDA