Dr. Medianick Explains Back-to-School Dental Visits

What is a back-to-school dental visit?

Dr. Medianick explains that a back-to-school dental visit is an appointment with your child’s dentist in which the dentist evaluates the overall health of your child’s mouth.

What is evaluated at a back-to-school dental visit?

Several crucial areas of your child’s oral health are evaluated at this appointment. Below is a brief description of each:

  1. Cavities – The dentist evaluates your child for any existing or potential cavities. They will then advise you as to how to best address these problems.
  2. Abscesses – The dentist will also evaluate your child for infections, many times seen in swelling or pain in the mouth, and again will advise as to how to best address the issue.
  3. Gum Health – The dentist will evaluate your child for any potential gum infections or pathologies.
  4. Sealants – The dentist will also evaluate to see if sealants have been placed over 6-year and 12-year-old molars (the first place where cavities tend to appear on adult teeth in children). Sealants help prevent cavities in the grooves of these teeth. If sealants are recommended, an appointment can be scheduled at this visit to have these placed.
  5. Orthodontic Issues – The dentist will evaluate to make sure your child does not have any major functional issues that will impact their bite or ability to chew. Recommendations may be made to an orthodontist or oral surgeon at this time.
  6. Toothbrush Condition – Your child’s toothbrush should be changed at least every 3 months. This visit is a great time for you to check the condition of your child’s toothbrush and get them a new one if it needs to be replaced.

Are back-to-school dental visits required?

Dr. Medianick explains that back-to-school dental visits are required by schools for both 3rd and 7th graders, and schools do mandate that forms are filled out by your dentist to verify the examination and report on the health of your child’s mouth. That said, Dr. Medianick recommends that every child and teen be regularly evaluated (at least every 6 months) by the dentist to be sure they are prepared for the next school year and that any outstanding oral health issues are taken care of in time before the start of school. He adds that just because your child is not in pain does not mean that they don’t have oral health issues!

How does Boulevard Dental cater to kids?

Dr. Medianick strives to cater to kids in order to make your child’s back-to-school visit a pleasant one both for them and you. There is a T.V. in every room so that your child can watch their favorite cartoon during their examination. Nitrous gas (laughing gas) is also offered if necessary. In addition, Dr. Medianick has a long history of caring for kids in this community via school dental exams and school sponsorships. Dr. Medianick would love to see you and your child at their back-to-school dental visit this year!

–Dr. Medianick, DMD, FICOI