Dental Tips for National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

This is a wonderful opportunity for us at Boulevard Dental to share with you some tips for caring for your children’s teeth!

  1. Children should visit a dentist by age one or when their first tooth appears.
    We can help you prevent dental problems, since children can get cavities at any age.
  2. As soon as teeth are present, they should be cleaned twice daily.
    A soft toothbrush with a “rice-sized” amount of fluoride toothpaste for children 3 years of age and under, and a “pea-sized” amount for those 3 years and older.
  3. Parents should assist in brushing children’s teeth until the age of 6, or longer if necessary.
  4. Teeth should be brushed morning and night.
  5. Teeth that are touching should be flossed once a day.
  6. Proper nutrition is important to a healthy mouth.
    Feed your children a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
  7. Limit sugary drinks, including juice, to no more than once a day – if at all.
    If they are consumed, it is best to limit them to meal times.
  8. Drink water between meals.
  9. Limit snacking between meals.

Good oral habits start at a young age. With proper care and nutrition, our teeth can last a lifetime!

Teresa Hanna, RDH