COVID-19 Dental Hygiene Tips from Boulevard Dental Hygienists

We know that you have a lot on your mind right now during this COVID-19 pandemic, and dental hygiene may not be at the forefront of your mind. We understand this, yet we also know that dental hygiene is essential to the health of your mouth, as well as to your overall health. Currently, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) has ordered all dental facilities to cease all dental treatment except urgent and emergency procedures until further notice, and this order precludes dental hygiene appointments. That said, our hygienists here at Boulevard Dental want to share with you some very practical things you can do to maintain essential dental hygiene during this COVID-19 pandemic.


When Using a Manual Toothbrush:

– Place the bristles on the gum, close to where the tooth meets the gum.

– Use your wrist and roll the bristles off of the tooth (in other words, if you’re brushing the top teeth, roll the bristles downward).

** This technique pushes the plaque away from your gums. If you brush in an up/down method or circles on the teeth, this pushes the plaque into the gums and contributes to build-up.


When Using an Electric Toothbrush:

If you are a Sonicare or any electric toothbrush user, remember that the brush does the work for you. Your biggest responsibility is to keep the brush positioned at the best possible angles, or the junctions where your teeth and gums meet. Brushing a little over on the gum is fine. Remember not to push hard on the brush–just a gentle glide is all you really need. Let the brush work for you.

Flossing Tips:

Don’t let caring for your teeth make you a hostage in your own bathroom! We spend a lot more time in front of the TV lately. Why not floss your teeth when you watch that movie? Your teeth and gums won’t miss those popcorn hulls. Happy flossing!


We have had to adjust to a new way of life the last few weeks–masks in public, social distancing, curbside pickup, gray and unruly hair, and trying to stay healthy. One really important way to stay healthy is to continue with good oral hygiene. At times like this, we may not give the health of our mouths a second thought, but stress and a change of routine can lead to an increase in bacteria and the neglect of our mouth. If your last dental appointment was canceled due to COVID-19, your 6-month appointment could now be 8-9 months, meaning that you may have significantly more bacteria build-up and inflammation.

So what can you do? Be diligent about brushing 2 times a day for 2 minutes, concentrating at the gum line. If you tend to build up tartar, brush 3 times a day if you are at home. If you have a power toothbrush, use it every time you brush. Next, clean between your teeth, using floss, water piks, soft piks, interproximal brushes, or whatever you prefer, but clean between every tooth, every day at least once a day (or more if you tend to get more build-up). Do your gums tend to bleed? Use a full-strength, antiseptic mouthrinse for 30 seconds a day. Do you tend to get cavities? Use a fluoride rinse for 1 minute a day. You got this–you can keep your mouth healthy!

We here at Boulevard Dental are here for you during this COVID-19 pandemic. We will get through this together. Our hope is that we can also get through this with healthy mouths as well!