3 Tips for a Bright Holiday Smile

The holidays are filled with fun and food. And while we may concern ourselves with avoiding the holiday pounds, we tend not to think about keeping our smiles healthy over the holidays. The American Dental Association has offered some great tips this year about how to maintain a healthy smile over the holidays.

Tooth-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

The ADA notes that according to the National Confectioners Association, 77% of people include candy in holiday gifts. That’s a lot of holiday candy consumption! If you plan to give candy as a gift this year, the ADA recommends chocolate. Chocolate washes off your teeth easier than stickier sweets like candy canes. And why not include an ADA-accepted toothbrush or toothpaste along with your gift of candy!

Don’t Open Gifts with Your Teeth

Remember, your teeth were made for eating, not gift-opening! The ADA warns that trying to tear ribbon with your teeth could cause you to crack a tooth, injure your jaw or accidentally swallow something you shouldn’t. We know you are excited, but take just a second to find something or ask someone to help! It will be worth the extra second of your time!

Stick to Your Routine

It is easy to get out of your normal hygiene habits around the holidays. The business, travel, and holiday festivities make keeping to your usual hygiene routine a challenge. That said, the ADA recommends that you don’t cancel your scheduled dental visits. And don’t forget to stick to the ADA recommendation of brushing twice a day for two minutes and cleaning  between your teeth once a day.

We at Boulevard Dental want your holiday to be a great one! Follow these 3 tips for a bright, holiday smile, and have a happy, healthy holiday!


Source: ADA – American Dental Association